The Matskiv family collection of contemporary paintings and prints has been gathered over the last twenty five years. Our focus has been on figurative art created by renowned European and Canadian masters.

The early nineties were a time marked by a radical shift of values, caused by the collapse of the Communist regime, which greatly affected the Matskivs’ native Ukraine.  Many artists, finally freed from the restrictive ideological dogma of socialist realism, delved into the formerly forbidden land of abstract and political expression, where meaning superseded form, and where a statement was more important than technical mastership. However, in choosing pieces for the collection, the Matskivs have always looked for the depth and harmony achieved only by artists with strong academic background in painting and drawing, no matter what style or narrative the creator chooses. The collectors passionately adhere to an artistic vision that celebrates the beauty of life, one unique and unforgettable moment at a time.  

Today, the collection includes almost one hundred pieces and counting. They span the most significant artistic trends of the twentieth century and the new millennium, from modernism to contemporary realism. As a cohesive body of work, the Matskiv family collection is a testament to the continuity of the classic artistic tradition, responding to new times and challenges in Canada and the world.

Hugo V. Pedersen

Konstantin Lomykin

Viktor Gontarov

Costa Dvorezky

Mykola Mogylat

Tetyana Mogylat

Shana Danilyants

Elena Gavdzinsky

Natalia Loza

Natalia Migolatieva

Andriy Pikush

Viktor Tsapko