Born in 1962 , Mykola studied fine art in the renowned Odessa Grekov College of Art, where he was trained in the best traditions of academic drawing and painting, and was able to absorb the tradition of rich and vibrant color schemes of southern Ukraine. He finished his professional education in Lviv Ivan Fedorov Academy of Printing . Together with his wife, artist Tetyana Mogylat, he worked in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, as a book designer while pursuing his favorite themes as a painter. Mykola is equally brilliant in all the genres he tackles, be it landscape, still life or life figure depiction. A skilled and prolific painter, Mykola is a member of the Artists’ Union of Ukraine. He regularly exhibits his works nation-wide while teaching a new generation of Ukrainian artists in Lviv Trush College of Art. His works are a captivating blend of a classic academic approach to painting with deeply felt and emotional rendition of his subjects.