Tetyana was born in Kiev, Ukraine in 1966. A daughter of a professional sculpture, she displayed talent for drawing and painting early on, and was accepted into the most prestigious art school in Ukraine – Shevchenko State Republican School of the Arts, department of painting. She later continued her studies at the department of Book Design and Illustration in Lviv Ivan Fedorov Academy of Printing. Upon graduating, the artist worked for Edelveys Design Studio in Uzhgorod, Ukraine, specializing in book and graphic design. She then moved on to the position of Head of Fine Art Department at Lviv Kos-Anatolsky Children’s School of the Arts. Tetyana is active in the artist’s community of Western Ukraine, regularly participating in major exhibitions and art festivals. She donates her works to charitable causes. Tetyana’s works could be found in private collection in Ukraine, Italy and other countries, including Canada.